Second Avenue’s old-school store signs

Lower Second Avenue’s East Village stretch has had a rep as an NYU-infested, bridge-and-tunnel attracting street for years now.

But some great old neighborhood shops are still around—and they sport cool old-school signage.

J. Baczynsky’s Meat Market off of Ninth Street is a reminder that the East Village once had a strong Polish presence. Where else can you get jellied pig feet?

Then a few blocks down, between sixth and seventh streets, is Moishe’s.

Block Drug Stores might be the oldest business on the block, dating to 1885. If you like your prescriptions compounded by a mortar and pestles the old-fashioned way, this is your place.

Inside is like a step back in time. The store itself appears unrenovated and mysteriously says “Second Ave Chemists Inc” in the window above the door.

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3 Responses to “Second Avenue’s old-school store signs”

  1. Josie Says:

    I think “Second Avenue Chemists” must be its official business or corporate name. It’s listed as such here:

  2. Ivan Says:

    Beautiful! Some of my favorite signs.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    When I was in college I lived on 7th Street between 1st and 2nd. Every Friday my friend Joe Rubin and I would go to Moishe’s and each by a fresh Challah bread, take them home, cut them in hugh chunks and just eat them warm. It is one my the best places to go to and one of the best memories from my college days.

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