Ghost businesses that left their mark on the city

Hiding in plain sight are signs and logos of companies that bit the dust long ago. Either no one bothered to take them down—or they’re part of the building and can’t be removed.

Bickford’s is the old-school “lunchroom” chain that used to be all over New York from the 1920s to the 1960s. This one on Eighth Avenue in the 40s has been empty for years.

One of my favorites is this logo for the Fischer & Co. Pure Pork Products headquarters, a two-story building on Second Avenue at 118th Street.

I couldn’t find a trace of this company anywhere. The 2-story building now houses a dry cleaner.

“Tree-Mark Shoes” is carved into the facade of the building that now houses Bowery Ballroom, on Delancey Street.

The company moved in after World War II and spent the next three decades there, according to The Lower East Side Remembered and Revisited.

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4 Responses to “Ghost businesses that left their mark on the city”

  1. dan Says:

    I love this kind of thing. Thanks for posting these and all your other fantastic tidbits.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks so much! It’s a little urban archeology.

  3. Juliet Bittencourt Says:

    Fischer & Co Pure Pork Products history:

  4. Karen Schechter Says:

    My mom took me shopping there in the 1960s. My uncle was one of the owners. The store had class — good carpet, salesmen in suits, arm chairs nice enough for our dining room in Long Island.

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