The last New York days of Sid Vicious

The beginning of the end for Sid started on October 12, 1978, when girlfriend Nancy Spungeon was mysteriously found dead from a stab wound in room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel.

Over the next three months, Sid was arrested for Nancy’s murder, set free on bail, and sent to Bellevue after slashing his wrists in a suicide attempt.

After his Bellevue stint, he was then shipped back to Rikers Island for slashing Patti Smith’s brother’s face with a bottle at a club.

Released from Rikers on February 1, 1979, he headed over to 63 Bank Street (right), where his new girlfriend had an apartment.

During a party that night celebrating his release, Sid shot up heroin several times. (Reportedly, he got the heroin from his own mother.)

He was found dead there in the morning.

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5 Responses to “The last New York days of Sid Vicious”

  1. petey Says:

    while he was out on bail after spungeon’s death, i was working the door at irving plaza (as a favor to a friend, not a regular gig) and stamped his hand for entrance. he had the look of a zombie, and the woman he was with was a loudmouthed twerp. an altogether miserable scene.

    • JB Says:

      I was at the Irving Plaza that night. Maybe the B52’s were there? And some band that had a violin player, and I think Debbie Harry guested with them. Hard to remember. Sid did look like a zombie.

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  3. Jeff in Jersey Says:

    Good riddance…

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