Miss Weber’s 22nd Street millinery shop

A faded ad painted in brick on a Chelsea building is all that’s left of Miss Weber, a hat maker who ran a store at 48 West 22nd Street.

“Take elevator”: If instructions were necessary, I’d guess that elevators were relatively new at the time the ad was painted.

So when does it date to? Well, Frank Jump posted a photo taken in 1997; he dates the ad to 1910.

And 14to42 says an Ida Weber ran a hat shop here from 1911 to 1913 before decamping to the millinery district on 39th Street.

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2 Responses to “Miss Weber’s 22nd Street millinery shop”

  1. Justine Heroy Kobelt Says:

    My father James Heroy went there. He was in the navy. He stopped in her shop. She gave him 5$. He was in the service and didn’t have much money. So she was generous. That was a lot of money then. Ida Weber was his aunt. Regula Weber (Ida’s mother) was my grandmother. I have 2 trunks that belonged to Ida.
    Ida and Regula came up to Newburgh
    to visit. Ida traveled in Europe and had an audience with the pope.
    I was impressed with what I heard about Ida.

  2. Justine Heroy Kobelt Says:

    Ida Weber was James Heroy’s sister, Justine Heroy Kobelt’s aunt, not great aunt.
    Refer to 1/27/17 post.

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