Is this the only statue of Lincoln on a horse?

The massive Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Grand Army Plaza, commemorating Civil War valor, is Brooklyn’s Arc de Triomphe.

Inside the arch, dedicated in 1892, is a curious relief of President Lincoln.

He’s on horseback—an odd pose for a leader generally depicted sitting or standing (as he’s shown in Prospect Park and Union Square).

The horseback depiction is so unusual, it’s said to be the only one in existence.

Consider it another work of art truly unique to the former city of Brooklyn.

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3 Responses to “Is this the only statue of Lincoln on a horse?”

  1. Chicken Underwear Says:

    Lincoln near a horse

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    That horse has a nice expression!

  3. Dave Wiegers Says:

    As an expert on lincoln statues (book being written) I can say that this is not the only statue of Lincoln on a horse nor is it the biggest. There are several copies of Lincoln on Horseback by noted sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington. The original is at Lincoln’s New Salem State Park near Petersburg, IL. But there are multiple copies around the country. One copy is at Syracuse University. Another large copy is at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory in Palisades, NY.
    A small version is at Stevens Institaute of Technlogy in Hoboken, NJ. Other large copies are in Lincoln City, Oregon and Midland, Michigan.

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