461-463 West 18th Street: then and now

In 1938, Berenice Abbott took this photo of two circa-1880s stables on far West 18th Street.

“In Abbott’s day, the bar-restaurant at 463 West 18th Street was attached to a corner liquor store at 130 Tenth Avenue,” explains Abbott’s Changing New York.

“These businesses and the junk shop at 461 served the seamen and dockworkers of the still active West Side waterfront.” 

Today, the lovely old stables look very much the same. albeit cleaned up and restored. French restaurant La Luncheonette is located on the ground floor of 463, while 461 is a private residence.

And the West Side waterfront? Anchored by Chelsea Piers, it’s the site of lots of leisurely jogging/biking/strolling.

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5 Responses to “461-463 West 18th Street: then and now”

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  2. Dan Davis Says:

    I love these Then and Now photos.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Berenice Abbott makes it easy. She took such great photos of interesting city buildings in the 1930s.

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    […] remarkably preserved late 19th century-style saloon was captured by Berenice Abbott in four photos she took in 1936—when Billie’s grandson, William Condron, Jr., was running […]

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