A view of nighttime New York in the 1920s

Another enchanting drypoint etching by Martin Lewis, titled “Fifth Avenue Bridge.” It dates to 1928.

Was there once a Fifth Avenue Bridge? Looks more like a temporary walkway, but at what cross street is a mystery.

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4 Responses to “A view of nighttime New York in the 1920s”

  1. Vanshnookenraggen Says:

    It’s very possible the bridge was built during construction of the new Independent subway which crosses 5th Ave at 53rd St. The line opened in 1933 so the date would link up.

  2. Ben Atlas Says:

    This might be a bridge along, not across the 5th Av. For example during a construction on a particular block with the extensive work under the adjacent sidewalk. Hence the high side railing that looks more like a construction fence than a nominal 3′ barrier.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Both of these explanations make sense, thanks. I was thinking the name of the print might be referencing a Fifth Avenue Bridge in Harlem that crossed over into the Bronx.

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