Grand Street’s Italian food store signs

Lots of cities across the Northeast have Italian neighborhoods, but there’s something very New York about this iconic sign style.

Hmm, red and green lettering on a white backdrop. I wonder why the colors are all the same….

Cannelloni, gnocchi, tortellini, fettucine—the almost poetic names of the goods at Piemonte Ravioli.

Alleva’s ricotta and mozzarella sign is making me hungry.

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6 Responses to “Grand Street’s Italian food store signs”

  1. Lost in Manhattan again « Bookpod Says:

    […] especially when I’ve looked for parking. Here’s an Ephemeral New York post about the Italian food store signs on Grand Street, which I was too preoccupied to […]

  2. Falona Says:

    I really hope that’s sarcasm. Italian stores… Italian flag colors…

    • wildnewyork Says:

      Yes, of course!

    • Tim Says:

      Actually I have seen these signs for decades and never made the connection to the Italian flag. And I’ve travelled in Italy, studied Italian.

      I also love the fonts on these signs and wonder if they’re created from a template or the same manufacturer. While the fonts are different, the sizes and other elements often remain the same.

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    […] Grand Street's Italian food store signs « Ephemeral New York […]

  4. New York’s Italian food stores are fading fast | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] continue to shrink, more and more of the grocery stores, butchers, and bakeries that made the city’s many Little Italys so unique have packed it […]

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