Old phone exchanges spotted around the city

It’s a little worrisome that so many elevator alarm bells list a phone number with a pre-1960s exchange. Will someone really answer the call?

Exeter was a Long Island City exchange—from a warehouse building in Chelsea.

I couldn’t find any listing for Super B Drug, but luckily this colorful sign survives on Canal Street near Broadway. The CA exchange—CAnal, of course.

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3 Responses to “Old phone exchanges spotted around the city”

  1. JC Frank Says:

    As long as you use 718, the number will work


  2. Allan Says:

    Never really thought about it until I read your post. But on thinking about it the same is true for many lifts (The name we use for elevators in the UK) in London.

  3. mike paz Says:

    my dad was the pharmacist at super b drugs for 20 years….and i am best friends with the ex owners….canal street was great in the 70s…great soda fountain joint on the corner

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