Characters checking you out on East 27th Street

The 27th Street side of luxe condo building 15 Madison Square North has some wonderfully whimsical, mischievous-looking characters carved into the facade.

A little research turned up nothing on who the original business tenants and building designers were. 

So right now, we’ll just have to guess the inspiration for some of these guys, like the whiskered fellow sticking two fingers out and the book-reading, sage-like elder.

There’s a biblical-looking guy with a tablet, and then there’s this one, who look like an escaped mental patient. He’s a real grotesque; that grin is kinda creepy, no? 

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4 Responses to “Characters checking you out on East 27th Street”

  1. kenju Says:

    I love these guys!! We saw some very whimsical ones in Zurich that were almost at eye level.

  2. aidel Says:

    The one on the top left looks like Socrates.

  3. aidel Says:

    In fact, I wonder if they are not all representations of philosophers/theologians. (?)

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