A couple of clubs on the Bowery in 1983

About a hundred years before this ad ran in the East Village Eye, 261 Bowery was the decades-long home of Mike Lyons Restaurant.

It was a refuge for politicians, musicians, raconteurs, and other characters who populated the Bowery’s dance-hall heyday.

In 1983, it housed the Buskers Club, a short-lived rock venue.

A little bit north at no. 315 was CBGB’s. This New Wave-y ad also comes from a 1983 East Village Eye.

Does anyone know what happened to Unknown Gender—and Huge Killer Ship and Wild Wild West, for that matter?

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2 Responses to “A couple of clubs on the Bowery in 1983”

  1. Nabe News: September 15 - Bowery Boogie | A Lower East Side Chronicle Says:

    […] when 261 Bowery was the home of Mike Lyons Restaurant, circa 1880s. Today, it’s a commercial supply business [Ephemeral […]

  2. reggie Says:

    the lead singer of Unknown Gender is still making music…..


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