The corner of Pell and Mott Streets in the 1940s

Or 1950s; it’s tough to tell. On one hand, the military presence on the lower left and parked cars on the right give this postcard a very World War II–era feel.

On the other, none of the men are wearing hats—as they routinely did in the 1940s.

And oddly, this is the historic heart of Chinatown: where are all the Chinese people?

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5 Responses to “The corner of Pell and Mott Streets in the 1940s”

  1. Leucas Says:

    The signs and awnings look kind of painted on. You’re right – it does seem a bit odd…

  2. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    Perhaps in that time postcards of Japs and Chinks weren’t allowed and looked down upon, after all we had just fought a world war and didn’t want them on ‘our’ shore. Good old American stock was better, I suppose.

  3. Nabe News: October 11 - Bowery Boogie | A Lower East Side Chronicle Says:

    […] from the corner of Pell and Mott Streets, circa 1940s [Ephemeral […]

  4. May Says:

    This postcard is likely closer to the 1950s. In 1940, Mott Street was still very much inhabited by Italian immigrants. I know this because my family owned a building on Mott Street in 1940 and most businesses in the area at that time were still run by Italian immigrants.

  5. bierblikjes Says:

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