A late traveler makes her way to the subway

A woman descends the subway stairs in “Late Traveler,” a 1949 drypoint etching by Martin Lewis.

It’s noirish and mysterious. I think we’ve all been this woman at some point or another, making our way through a quiet, lonely city in the dark.

“Late Traveler” is part of the collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts. View a close-up of the etching here.

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5 Responses to “A late traveler makes her way to the subway”

  1. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    reminds me of a spot in Paris which more or less still looks the same

  2. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    I followed a woman just like her on 6th Avenue as she descended the subway stairs. But she was short skirted and asked if I knew where she could go dancing. I didn’t even have enough for a subway ride, which were 30 cents at the time, 1960s. She shook her head and threw her token in. I went back upstairs into the empty quiet streets. At least the area was nice and desolate in those days.

  3. petey Says:


  4. WHAMMO! Says:

    Looks a bit like the current Astor Place station:

  5. Courtney Says:

    Is it possible to purchase a copy of this somewhere?

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