New York’s Gilded Age flower vendors

“Flower vendor’s display” this postcard states in the lower left corner.

Could this be Sixth Avenue in the 20s, then—and now—the site of the city’s flower district?

The flower district is dwindling fast; it’s mostly confined to 28th Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway these days.

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6 Responses to “New York’s Gilded Age flower vendors”

  1. Bookpod Says:

    The Manhattan flower district may be disappearing because flowers, like so many other commodities, have gone corporate. Globally corporate, to be specific. Amy Stewart writes about this in “Flower Confidential.” She had a fairly contrarian take on this reality when I interviewed her for Bookpod: (I love Ephemeral New York.)

  2. Laura Says:

    1920’s?? Judging by the woman’s clothing, I’d say much earlier.

  3. kenju Says:

    Yes, the women’s clothing indicates turn of the century, I believe.

  4. Joe R Says:

    The buildings in the background really don’t look like those on 6th Avenue. And no el! Broadway or 5th Avenue, perhaps? And is that a trolley in the rear right?

  5. Adam Says:

    Copyright on the bottom right-hand side says 1904, and judging by the clothes and lack of non-horsedrawn transportation I’d say that’s about right.

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