Looking into Edward Hopper’s “Night Windows”

Most of us have found ourselves on either end of this kind of scenario—painted in 1928 by Greenwich Village resident Hopper.

The Whitney has an exhibition of Edward Hopper paintings and prints, as well as those of his contemporaries like Martin Lewis and Reginald Marsh. It runs through April 2011.

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4 Responses to “Looking into Edward Hopper’s “Night Windows””

  1. petey Says:


  2. Lisa Says:

    Edward Hopper– great subject for this blog!

    Not long ago, I read that the diner pictured in “Nighthawks” was located on that triangular lot, at the corner of Seventh Avenue & Greenich; though this “fact” is a matter of debate:


    But I like to believe it true, and I think of “Nighthawks” whenever I pass by this plot of real estate (which is often).

  3. Joe R Says:

    Here’s the whole story on Jeremiah Moss’s own website “Vanishing New York”.
    Check the links for the entire story.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks Joe R–Jeremiah did an amazing and exhaustive take!

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