Holiday toy shopping at Gimbels in 1934

In the thick of the Depression, I wonder how many lucky New York kids got one of these cool toys for Christmas.

That police car with the electric lights would be worth a lot more than $1.31 today. As for the cowboy suit, it comes with a gun and bullets. Can you even buy a slightly realistic looking toy gun these days?

This ad comes from a December 1934 edition of the Daily News. Gimbels was huge then, as anyone who has ever seen Miracle on 34th Street knows.

The department store giant started  held on until the mid-1980s. A faded Gimbels ad on 30th Street is all that’s left.

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4 Responses to “Holiday toy shopping at Gimbels in 1934”

  1. Bookpod Says:

    Soon advertisements for Borders and Barnes & Noble will look just as quaint as this Gimbels ad. The present becomes the distant past so fast!

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I know! Plus, even in our social networking techy world, with newspaper readership in the pits, stores continue to buy newspaper ads like these.

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    […] Gimbel’s (10) and Sak’s 34th Street (9) are ghosts. The Hotel New Yorker (6) keeps packing them in, while the Hotel Martinique (3) endured a tortured history as a 1980s welfare hotel before reopening as a Radisson. […]

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    […] of course, was a retail giant during the city’s 20th century department store […]

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