Old phone exchanges spotted in Crown Heights

Ephemeral reader Sheena passed along these photos she recently took of two old-school signs featuring pre-1960s two-letter phone exchanges. Both come from Crown Heights.

The DE in this F. Goldsmith & Sons sign could stand for Dewey or Defender. What those two words have to do with Brooklyn, I have no idea.

NI is for Nightingale—and Michael Cerverizzo & Sons is still in business on Flatlands Avenue.

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2 Responses to “Old phone exchanges spotted in Crown Heights”

  1. Peter Bennett Says:

    Funny after all these years, I still remember my Grandparents phone number in Brighton Beach – Nightingale 8- 2488. How come I can’t remember last week?

  2. M Rapp Says:

    The telephone exchanges in Crown Heights were President, Slocum, Ingersoll, and Hyacinth.

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