“A chilly day on Fifth Avenue, New York”

So states the caption on this 1905 postcard, part of the NYPL digital collection. Even then, black was New York’s most fashionable color.

I wonder what street they’re coming up on. Fifth Avenue looks awfully narrow wherever they are.

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10 Responses to ““A chilly day on Fifth Avenue, New York””

  1. Joe Z. Says:

    The only part of Fifth Avenue that narrow is in Harlem, between 124th and 135th Streets.

    • wildnewyork Says:

      That could be Harlem. And it was a very fashionable place to live for upwardly mobile New Yorkers for a very brief moment right around the turn of the last century.

  2. G. Cleveland Says:

    The original photo of this postcard scene can be viewed at http://www.shorpy.com/node/7653. Click on “view full size” to see a high resolution version.

  3. Frank Lynch Says:

    I was going to guess the upper 20’s also, based on that tower on the right. It’s got gold on it these days.

    • Frank Lynch Says:

      never mind I was thinking of something else

      • Joe R Says:

        Actually, that building on the NE corner of 28th St still seems to be there. It’s missing its steeple and the lower floors have been covered (ruined) with a granite facade. It may be the only building in that old photo that is still extant.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Shorpy saves the day- not only can the “27” St sign be seen in the hi-def image, but a building across the street is marked “243”, which would confirm that this is Fifth between 27 & 28 Streets.

    True, the street proportions seem different than today. An optical illusion because of the snow? Or, maybe because the buildings were all smaller back then? Or, perhaps the sidewalks actually have since been shrunken, along Fifth?

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