“Evening Rain” on the elevated tracks

Artist Daniel Hauben captures twilight on a rain-slicked, empty subway platform in this color intaglio print.

It’s a timeless glimpse—is it 1938? 1958? The print actually dates to 1998, according to a wonderful book called Impressions of New York: Prints From the New-York Historical Society.

Anyone know which subway platform this is? I’m guessing the Bronx, but I’d love to know exactly where. Find out more about the artist here.

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10 Responses to ““Evening Rain” on the elevated tracks”

  1. Panos Ipeirotis Says:

    The 1 line facing south from the 125th street station in Manhattan. The church-like structure on the right is the tower of the Union Theological Seminary.

  2. Child Of Atom Says:

    Looks like the 1 at 125th to me, looking back towards where it heads underground again?

  3. JC Frank Says:

    Look like 125th St on the 1, where the tracks emerge over the valley. Perspective looks a little off however.

  4. Heather Says:

    I agree that it looks like 125th on the 1, with Riverside Church in the background (biggest building on the right of the tracks).

  5. Joe R Says:

    I agree that it’s Broadway where the 1 line comes up for just one station and then goes back underground. That building with the rabbit ears in the center distance is the Union Theological Seminary, I think.

  6. wildnewyork Says:

    125th Street–not the Bronx at all. Thanks everyone.

  7. Sally Says:

    The Gothic-looking building is Union Theological Seminary. It’s definitely the 125th St. IRT stop, and looks like this today.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Agreed, that’s Riverside Church rising on the right.

  9. Mike Margello Says:

    I might venture a guess that it’s the 1 line where it comes above ground at about 122nd Street. I guess that would make the artist’s view from the North. Possibly Riverside Church in the background?

  10. Elijah Moses Says:

    That is 125 Th street in Harlem . That is the 1 train going north bound to van Cortland park . Trust me . It hasn’t changed a bit, besides the trains themselves…

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