The pinkest houses in New York City

The color pink symbolizes many things: femininity, love, youth, happiness, joy.

It’s about passion without aggression, and pink roses are given to convey gratitude and appreciation.

It’s an unusual color to paint a brownstone or tenement. Yet pink buildings are all over New York.

With cherry blossom season upon us and parts of the city about to be draped in fragile pink leaves for a few weeks, it’s a good time to highlight some of the pinkest houses on the streets of New York.

Like the sweet little brownstone (top left) with the red trim on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights.

Or the pink rowhouse near the Bedford Park 4 station in the Bronx (top right).

I love this pale pink tenement at left, on Grand and Orchard.

The Lower East Side can look kind of grim; it gives the neighborhood a jolt of color.

The three-story pink brownstone on the right is part of the Mott Haven Historic District in the South Bronx.

And finally, twin hot pink residences on Prince Street near West Broadway.

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16 Responses to “The pinkest houses in New York City”

  1. Frank Says:

    You guys missed this building:

  2. Nabe News: March 31 - Bowery Boogie Says:

    […] out the pinkest houses of New York City, including the awesome one at Orchard and Grand Streets [Ephemeral […]

  3. BADG Says:

    How could you exclude Palazzo Chupi?

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Good point! For the uninitiated, here’s Julian Schnabel’s fuschia palace:

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Wasn’t there a really bright pink house in Park Slope (like Pepto-Bismol color), near Prospect Park?

  6. Ben Says:

    You also missed a quite famous one on the Upper East Side. Al Hirschfeld’s pink house was landmarked after he died and the landmark stipulates that the house must remain pink. The house just sold for $5.3 million.

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  9. pliny Says:

    the last two buildings are on Prince ST not Bleecker
    and are Civil War era

  10. PRINCE STREET | | Forgotten New YorkForgotten New York Says:

    […] There are other pink or magenta buildings around town as well [Ephemeral New York] […]

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    […] Here’s another roundup of New York’s cherry-blossom colored domiciles. […]

  12. beege Says:

    Or this one:,-73.999411&cbp=13,199.9,0,0,0&cbll=40.732536,-73.999322&q=114+waverly+place&ei=6SX0UtTZH9WhsQSK3oDgDQ&ved=0CCQQxB0wAA

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    […] (Top Row) Ephemeral New York, We Heart It (Middle Row) Folded Wilderness, Télio, Candy Store (Bottom Row) Rustoleum, Monique […]

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