The coolest spot for second-hand clothes in 1985

Not only did Zoot run very cool ads in downtown publications, this vintage rags emporium had two locations: 1980s cool-kid hot spot Broadway at Astor Place as well as future hipster land Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.

This ad ran in the May 1985 issue of the East Village Eye—with Susan Seidelman of Desperately Seeking Susan and Smithereens fame on the cover!

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3 Responses to “The coolest spot for second-hand clothes in 1985”

  1. Javaman Says:

    I used to get my old bowling shirts there for a quarter each! That place kept clothes on my back for cheap!

  2. rick mcginnis Says:

    I miss the era when “vintage” meant window pane blazers, pleated trousers and bowling shirts, and not doubleknit safari jackets and Nik Nik disco shirts.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    When did Zoot disappear? I still have the store’s pin that a friend gave me (Zoot on a green background). I remember in junior high that all the older girls shopped there, or at Unique or the Antique Boutique.

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