The Fall River Line pier: Fulton and West Streets?

Did Fulton Street once run all the way to the Hudson River?

It must have, based on information gleaned from this undated postcard of the lower Manhattan skyline.

The Fall River Line, a steamboat between New York and Massachusetts, ran until 1937. Pier 14 was located at the foot of Fulton and West Streets, according to this 1938 Berenice Abbott photo of the street side of the pier.

And a check of an early 1960s Manhattan map confirms it: Fulton Street’s western end must have been demolished later that decade to build the World Trade Center.

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8 Responses to “The Fall River Line pier: Fulton and West Streets?”

  1. Parnassus Says:

    Interesting post. I have seen a number of references to the Fall River Line in old books, but always assumed it was a train. Of course, no one can think of Fall RIver without Lizzie Borden and her shenanigans immediately coming to mind!
    –Road to Parnassus

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I think it was a combination steamship and rail line. I guess there was a lot of traffic between NYC and Fall River back in the day….

  3. evi Says:

    How cool is that! I love your blog.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks EVI. I spend a good part of my life in the EV and yours is required reading for me.

  5. josh Says:

    yup. check out this article about radio row. there’s a map at the bottom that shows fulton going all the way through.

  6. T.J. Connick Says:

    A painless introduction to the Fall River Line can be found online. See Baedeker guide to the U.S., published 1893.

    Makes the 21st-century Chinatown-to-Chinatown bus trip sound like medieval torture.

  7. Leslie hamilton Says:

    Are there any records of the employees working on this ship?

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