A goofy 1970s Greenwich Village class photo

It’s about that time of year for the annual school ritual known as picture day.

In 1976, these adorable second graders from P.S. 41 on West 11th Street posed as a class. (This is before class size was an issue in schools, of course—there are 35 kids in that photo!).

Colored tights, prairie skirts and dresses, bowl cuts, and Michael Jackson iron-on shirts were all the rage among mid-1970s downtown kids—or at least their parents, who went to local discount stores like Mays for their offspring’s stylin’ wardrobes.

Get a kick out of city class photos from the 1970s and 1913 here.

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9 Responses to “A goofy 1970s Greenwich Village class photo”

  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    When I attended school in the 1950s there were more then a hundred kids who lined up and posed on the steps of the old St Georges Church on 7th Street of the East Village (gone now and replaced by a newer St Georges). How the teacher handled us I have no idea? But I can only imagine the camera that took our picture that day, probably a big box with a cover for the photographers head shielding him from any light. No wonder that many of the faces are smudged from bored kids just looking around as the photographer kept yelling over and over, “Don’t move! Don’t move!” How easy it is nowadays…

  2. Lidian Says:

    This looks a LOT like my old class photos – same era, other end of Manhattan! Thanks for the laugh –

  3. petey Says:

    those kids are still today younger than i am.

  4. LoriB Says:

    I had you beat in 2nd grade… 37 kids in this pic from Queens, 1978-79.

  5. wildnewyork Says:

    Oh my god, the height of the disco era too!

  6. --the amateur Says:

    The parents may also have purchased the kid’s clothes here, not far from the school.


    • wildnewyork Says:

      I love this, thanks for sending it! My parents definitely opted for the cheap polyester clothes along 14th Street or the clothes my mother made for us on her Singer in the living room.

  7. family Says:


    […]A goofy 1970s Greenwich Village class photo « Ephemeral New York[…]…

  8. Jasmine Says:

    That was my school PS 41. I was in the first grade that year but Mrs. Ackerman was my 2nd grade teacher 77-78. What a great school. Loved growing up in the city. Especially in Greenwich Village.

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