Vintage signs on old-school luncheonettes

Spotting one of these falling-apart signs is like entering a time warp. Few are left, and the ones that remain likely won’t be around much longer.

Park Luncheonette, at 334 Driggs Avenue on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border,  was a real soda fountain serving diner grub since the 1930s.

After a cameo in The Departed and then an upgrade in the mid-2000s, it closed a few years ago.

I’m not sure how long the Cup & Saucer has been satisfying greasy spoon cravings at the corner of Canal and Eldridge Streets.

But the to-the-point sign has got to be from the 1970s at least.

Tom’s Restaurant, at Sterling Place and Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights, has been going strong since the 1936.

It’s not the Tom’s from the Suzanne Vega song—that’s the other old-school Tom’s, on Broadway and 112th Street.

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4 Responses to “Vintage signs on old-school luncheonettes”

  1. Parnassus Says:

    My Aunt Elaine particularly liked these old luncheonettes and the type of food served there. Although they are often called greasy spoons, I have been in a number (I particularly recall Mansfield, Ohio and Norwalk, Connecticut) that were immaculate.

  2. Steve Grenz Says:

    I really love this site! The pictures are fantastic. My parents grew up in NYC 1920s-1940s. My Mom in Chelsea and my Dad in Brooklyn… this is a great education for a guy who lives outside of Philadelphia. I have some old pictures from the 1930s – 40s. I know one is of an old luncheonette sign “Al’s Sandwiches”, if I remember correctly. And another two are of “Dielmann’s Bar & Grill”. I don’t know where Al’s was located, but I am told Dielmann’s was on Tenth Avenue 161-163. Can I submit these pictures? And how would I do that?

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Thank you so much! I’d love to see your photos and credit you in a future post. You can email them to ephemeralnewyork -at-

  4. Diallo Says:

    this place on the Upper West Side is still going strong –

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