The squirrels that decorate New York buildings

Considering how many real little acorn diggers make New York their home, it’s no surprise that architects and designers pay homage to them on city buildings and in parks.

This bushy-tailed squirrel with a fat nut in its hand (paw?) is surrounded by a decorative motif that seems to symbolize fruitfulness.

It appears on a panel outside a long-defunct bank building on Fifth Avenue and 41st Street.

This cast iron squirrel statue guards the entrance to a playground at Stuyvesant Town, where about 100 billion gray or black squirrels scamper around all day, or at least it seems like that on a recent fall afternoon.

These twin squirrels mirror each other above an ornate entrance to a 1922 luxury apartment house at 55 Park Avenue South. They come across kinda evil, no?

A couple more squirrels are on an old Williamsburg Bank building and an Upper East Side apartment building.

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8 Responses to “The squirrels that decorate New York buildings”

  1. C.E. Murray Says:

    A most awesome collection of squirrels, permanently etched into the city’s architecture and helping shape its personality. I love this. Thank you for the compendium!

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    You’re welcome! Some people malign them as rats with bushy tails, but I like the little guys.

  3. Kaz Says:

    I love squirrels! Their sweet little faces and busy paws are just so cute.

    And the squirrel on the bank makes perfect sense, They save their nuts for the long, cold winter – so be like a squirrel and save your pennies for the future.

  4. Lone Grey Squirrel Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post on my favorite rodent with bushy tails. That last photo in no way proves that squirrels are plotting to enslave the world. Probably a CIA plot to discredit hardworking and cute squirrels. 🙂

  5. Out Walking the Dog Says:

    Such a charming post. I love your squirrels, and enjoy watching the real things go about their amusing business in the parks.

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