The men at work and rest on Park Avenue South

The apartment building at 55 Park Avenue South looks like a typical expensive and elegant pre-war residence.

So why did the developer put these carved images of men on the facade?

One is reading, one is thinking with a broom in his hand. One looks like he’s tying a string around a small package.

And the man with what looks like a pail? I don’t have any idea what he is doing. But I like him.

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5 Responses to “The men at work and rest on Park Avenue South”

  1. Tones Says:

    The guy “tying a string” is the iceman, holding tongs holding a block of ice… I was an iceman in my college years in the early 70s on Staten Island. (Me as an iceman. The red things are at the bottom of the pic are ice tongs. (

    The guy with the pail I am guessing is the coal man with a bucket of coal.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Ah, thank you for your insight! Iceman, coalman: now it all seems clear.

  3. JohnPaul Slater Says:

    Yes, that pail is called a “coal hod” and those are lumps of coal that he is dropping from his free hand

  4. cp Says:

    Great site. Just fascinating and so well done! I linked to you via an image on my blog.

  5. emgusk Says:

    The guy with the broom looks like Steve Jobs.

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