Holiday greetings from a Harlem dive hotel

I wonder if tourists ever accidentally book a room at the posh-sounding Park Avenue Hotel, off Park Avenue and 125th Street.

If so, hopefully they’re charmed by the classy seasons greetings mural!

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4 Responses to “Holiday greetings from a Harlem dive hotel”

  1. BestBrian Says:

    I’m a cop in that precinct, and what a godawful dump that place is. And you are correct in thinking that tourists have shown up thinking they found a great deal only to realize, well, not. 🙂

    Btw, that’s a pretty interesting stretch of buildings over there by the metro north tracks. From old photos it looks like that corner has been a hotel since they put the station in, and the buildings along 125 from Park to Lex probably even longer. The Corn Exchange gets all the attention, but there are other attractions, as well.

    Thanks for the site, and Merry Christmas.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I’ll try to dig up an old photo of the corner; would be great to see that hotel through the years. Thanks!

  3. fifilaru Says:

    125th and Park would actually be a pretty good place for a decent hotel.

  4. BestBrian Says:

    There was a plan to put a large Marriott with extensive banquet halls, and condops, on the vacant lot on the s/w corner several years ago. However, the “community” killed it. First, they said that the building couldn’t be any higher than the State Building (great symbolism in that), so the developer chopped some stories off, but increased the number of condops to compensate for the lost revenue. Then it was decreed that since there wasn’t any affordable housing in the plan, units had to be made available for this purpose. When the calls came to mandate that all employees be given a living wage, the developer called off the whole project. The next plan was to put up a sterile office tower that would be the HQ for MLB Network, but that died when the financing dried up with the bank crisis.

    Old article:

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