Some very faded ads spotted on the East Side

“Students Clothes” the first line of this ad reads, from the side of a turn of the century building on East 12th Street near University Place.

The letters below it are much harder to make out. Something & Co. It’s a reminder that the Village used to be full of manufacturers.

This is all that remains of a furniture ad in the Gramercy-Murray Hill neighborhood. “Room Furniture” I think it says.

“Cloaks & Suits” is all I can make out at the top of this ad, from the side of an Astor Place building. Then the name of the manufacturer, two S words connected by an ampersand.

What a wonderful and ghostly reminder that 100 years ago, women routinely wore cloaks!

[Bottom photo by Sheena Bodden]

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9 Responses to “Some very faded ads spotted on the East Side”

  1. The Edmonton Tourist Says:

    I love looking at old brick walled signs. Here in Edmonton they are starting to restore them, especially if they are located on the side of refurbished loft buildings. Its charming and shows pride in history. Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I’d love to see some faded ads from downtown Edmonton. A smart thing, preserving these reminders of an earlier city.

  3. The Day | East Village Too Wealthy for After-School Programs? - The Local East Village Blog - Says:

    […] Ephemeral New York admires a faded ad on the side of an East 12th Street building. […]

  4. Dave Says:

    I used to work at 666 Broadway (corner of Bond, just down the street from the 1856 dentist murder!), where there’s a great big ad of a man on horseback on the building just to the south visible only in 666’s airshaft–it must be 3 stories tall, and it’s only visible as far as I know from about floors 5-10 of 666. I suspect the airshaft has preserved it better than many of the others you can see from the street.

  5. fadingad Says:

    I’m all for creating new ads that resemble old ads, but retouching fading ads interrupts a beautiful process.

  6. fadingad Says:

    @dave Here is a link to the man on horseback on 666 Broadway when a photo I took of it was used for the front page of The City section back in 2000. He was also spotted uptown near Lincoln Center in his full glory. It was a Hunter’s Baltimore Rye ad.

  7. fadingad Says:

    Hey I’m sorry about the broken links. There is an extra forward slash at the end of the URL that needs to be removed. is the Times article and is the Lincoln Center link. I added blank targets that open them in new windows on the reply to Dave so people wouldn’t navigate away from your site. Oops.

  8. wildnewyork Says:

    I love these…wish they were visible to all from the street.

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