A shout to Third Avenue on a Harlem facade

It’s a crucial north-south avenue that spans 120 blocks and many neighborhoods. But Third Avenue in Manhattan gets little love—except on the facade of this tenement off 104th Street.

The lettering was probably much easier to see from the Third Avenue El, which ran at least in part along the avenue from 1878 until 1955.

Curious about what it was like to ride the el? This 1950s video clip takes you along for all the noisy, rickety twists and turns. It’s great footage of a very different East Side.

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3 Responses to “A shout to Third Avenue on a Harlem facade”

  1. Lady G. Says:

    That looks beautiful. I love looking up and finding these arches, roofs and facades. They are all tiny remnants of the past.

  2. rocco dormarunno(akafivepointsguy) Says:

    Thanks for the enthralling video clip that you’ve attached here–I must have watched it four or five times. It brings up so many questions and observations. And for a 1950s film, it sure had a 1960s, almost psychedelic, feel when the drunk fell asleep. Now I’m watching the film over and over while looking at an old subway map, and I’m trying to pinpoint certain shots as I follow the route of the old 3rd. (The shot of Grand Street and Bowery is phenomenal.) Once again, thanks so much!

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