The Fifth Avenue entrance to Central Park

I love the decorative street lamps and lack of traffic signs (as well as street furniture like newspaper boxes and garbage cans) in this undated postcard, which depicts the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.

The General Sherman statue is there, so it must be at least 1903, when the monument went up. “When the civil war ended, Sherman moved to New York City and rode his horse and carriage through Central Park daily,” states

The Plaza Hotel is across the street. But is it the Plaza hotel that’s there today, the beauty that completed in 1907, or the first Plaza Hotel, which opened its doors in 1890 and demolished 15 years later?

If only a postmark existed so we could know for sure.

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5 Responses to “The Fifth Avenue entrance to Central Park”

  1. Parnassus Says:

    A quick check on Ebay showed one copy of this card with a cancellation of November, 1907, and another with a copyright date of 1905, so the earlier incarnation of the Plaza seems more likely.
    –Road to Parnassus

  2. Shoshana Says:

    the 5th Avenue entrance looks lovely & serene. I wish it could return to that state.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Nice detective work P.

  4. Shoshana Sternlicht Says:

    the 5th Avenue entrance looks so serene and lovely. Hard to imagine that the

  5. Fifth Avenue’s most heroic Civil War monument | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] Here is another postcard view of the corner, at the entrance to the park. […]

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