Where are the eagles on this Bay Ridge overpass?

See these majestic granite eagles? They adorn what was then known as the First Avenue overpass, built in 1912 as part of Brooklyn’s Shore Parkway.

The overpass was torn down in 1941 to construct the Belt Parkway. And luckily, the eagles didn’t end up in landfill.

They were repurposed and moved to the Central Park Zoo, where they still stand, now proudly guarding the Sea Lion Pool.

“The provenance of the eagles was largely unknown until researchers working with the Parks Department Photo Archive uncovered photographic evidence of the eagles in their original spot,” writes nycgovparks.org.

“And the Parks Monuments division discovered a cryptic journal entry from 1941 that noted an unnamed administrator directed the Monuments division to install the eagles at the zoo.”

[Bridge photo: nycparksgov.org; eagle photo: centralpark2000.com]

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8 Responses to “Where are the eagles on this Bay Ridge overpass?”

  1. fivepointsguy Says:

    Are those the Bush Terminal Buildings in the background of the older photo?

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Good eye. It looks like them, but the parks department info about the bridge says it was in Bay Ridge, and the Bush Terminal Buildings are pretty clearly within the borders of Sunset Park. But maybe the boundary between neighborhoods was blurrier years ago?

  3. Dan Kocieniewski Says:

    Seems like it should be the 1st AVENUE Overpass. Looks like it is SW of the Army Terminal.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks, that makes more sense. I mislabeled it but will fix.

  5. Big Sis Says:

    I am wondering: are those the freight line tracks in the photo? Did the trains go over that overpass?

  6. Dan Kocieniewski Says:

    Go to this site and scroll down to Owl’s Head Park – there are two aerial photos – looks like the bridge may have connected to something that had gone across the rail yards at one time. It is a dead end in the 30’s.


  7. COLONIAL ROAD MYSTERY CLEARED UP | | Forgotten New YorkForgotten New York Says:

    […] further about that bridge, I was directed to an Ephemeral New York listing that discussed […]

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