Long-defunct clubs of 1980s Manhattan

They’re physically gone, but these performance spaces still live on in vintage newspaper ads—in this case the September 1984 issue of monthly East Village arts paper East Village Eye.

It must have been rough getting over to Chandalier, between Eighth and Ninth Streets off Avenue C. In 1984, this wasn’t exactly gentrified territory.

“The door opens onto a long narrow room, the front half of which serves as the performance space and seating area,” states this reference. “The back half houses the wooden bar with several wobbly stools, a fireplace that doesn’t seem to work, and piecemeal old furniture where spectators sit waiting for the performance to start.”

Today the building houses a hardware store.

The Shuttle, not far away on East Sixth Street between Avenues A and B, opened in 1984. A former squat, the space hosted readings, art exhibits, and East Village character/character actor Rocket Redglare’s cabaret show.

121 West 31st Street is an unmarked storefront, and almost no trace of Pizza a Go Go—a former dance club?—remains.

But there is this reference to the place; it’s on a page of party pics featuring a young Madonna and other cool kids from a monthly paper called NY Talk.

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6 Responses to “Long-defunct clubs of 1980s Manhattan”

  1. Uncle Waltie Says:

    “Save The Robots” on Avenue B between 2nd & 3rd.
    Early 80s, if memory serves me right.

  2. petey Says:


    ah memories.
    but i’m still listening to them!

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    I’m curious about what “My Hustler II” was about….

    • ledamato Says:

      Andy Warhol did “My Hustler,” a film about a gay man who brings a handsome hustler to Fire Island. He made a sequel. Warhol did many films to amuse himself and his friends. Most were a bit strange.

  4. Beau Tardy Says:

    The Pizza A Gogo ad was designed (and airbrushed!) by French comic artist Eric Cartier. It also appeared in the East Village Eye.

  5. Hillary Says:

    Pizza-a-go-go was a large pizza place/cafeteria style restaurant by day and a club that also served pizza by night. It was only open a couple nights a week. It was pretty underground. And then it was gone.

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