What remains of vintage city store signs

They’ve mostly been painted over or blocked out of sight by newer, flashier signs. But these artifacts from an older New York refuse to be silenced.

On Broadway and 181st Street is a big corner bodega called Smile Deli. But lurking underneath the green awning is the 1970s-esque 181st Street Food Market sign, with its old-school 7-Up logo.

I have no idea how far back this sign for a Hebrew bookstore goes. It looks like the place, on Ludlow Street, was abandoned, the sign left to deteriorate.

The Hello Deli on West 53rd Street, made famous by David Letterman who tapes his show around the corner, had a previous incarnation as the Preview Sandwich Shop. I love the 1960s typeface.

Above the sign for Bite, at 211 East 14th Street, is the faded lettering for what looks like a locksmith or hardware store. “We make keys names plates and mail boxes” it tells us. But there’s no name or other clue to its history.

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6 Responses to “What remains of vintage city store signs”

  1. Dave Says:

    When I first saw the photo of that 7up sign, I thought it was of a storefront much further downtown because there’s an almost identical one at 8th Avenue and 16th Street.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I think I know what sign you’re talking about:

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    […] What Remains of Vintage City Store Signs: ghost signs hidden underneath layers of newer signage in NYC. […]

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  5. Elsewhere | Department of Everyday Visualingual Says:

    […] What Remains of Vintage City Store Signs: ghost signs hidden underneath layers of newer signage in NYC. […]

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