Angels of an Upper West Side apartment house

These lovely figures decorate the facade of the Evelyn, at 78th Street and Columbus Avenue—one of the city’s oldest apartment buildings, built in 1885.

Hard to believe that just 25 years ago, the angels may have been in the sights of a wrecking ball!

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3 Responses to “Angels of an Upper West Side apartment house”

  1. Chris Helenius (@chrishelenius) Says:

    Apparently this building has lots of more decorations and creatures, as seen on Street View:

    There’s also something else on the Columbus-facing façade, but the resolution doesn’t really suffice:

    Could you photograph these sometime later? All of them? :3

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    If I remember correctly, these are the same angels going around the building’s facade, and the topless winged woman is the only one I didn’t post originally…I’ll add it soon.

  3. Jack Scat Says:

    Did anyone else notixce that the middle angels rack is blurred out in google maps?

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