Where gentlemen got their hair done in 1852

The St. Nicholas Hotel, between Spring and Broome Streets on Broadway, was an opulent marvel of a hotel that catered to New York’s wealthy elite in the years before and after the Civil War.

Opened in 1853, it was the first hotel to offer “water closets” with hot and cold water as well as gas in every room.

Guests also had the opportunity to get coiffed and groomed, thanks to Phalon’s, the “hair dressing establishment” located in the hotel.

“A clean hairbrush for every visitor” Phalon’s advertised, reports a 1934 New York Times article on wood engravings, from which this 1853 print was likely made [from the NYPL Digital Collection]

The St. Nicholas bit the dust in 1884.

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2 Responses to “Where gentlemen got their hair done in 1852”

  1. wordgrl Says:

    Is the building still there? Most of the buildings on that block are over 100 years old. Is it the hotel that is gone or the building, too?

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    A portion of it is still there, incredibly: http://sohomemory.com/tag/st-nicholas-hotel/

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