“Kids With Laundry” on a tenement block

Photographer Helen Levitt, who spent seven decades capturing private, tender moments on city streets, chronicles a group of kids improvising with a cart of laundry in 1972.

Levitt lived on East 13th Street until her death in 2009, and it’s certainly possible this photo depicts an East Village or Lower East Side block.

“Ms. Levitt is best known for deeply sympathetic yet unflinchingly gritty pictures of children,” a New York Times reviewer wrote in 2005. The old, lonely, and outcast were also frequent subjects.

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5 Responses to ““Kids With Laundry” on a tenement block”

  1. Big Sis Says:

    I really enjoy her work. But sometimes people have gotten me mixed up with her… (very similar names).

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Not a bad person to be confused with though–her work is wonderful!

  3. EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition « NYC Real Estate News Says:

    […] Looking at a “Kids with laundry” photo from 1972 — possibly East 13th Street? (Ephemeral New York) […]

  4. jessiemartinovic Says:


  5. Cesar Torres Says:

    It’s 517 11th.St.between ave. A and B Lower East Side, N.Y.C., and three of those kids are my sister’s and brother back in 1972, really there’s 6 kids in the photo, the six kid you can only see his hand, between my sister working with the Laundry chart my brother the one with his fingers in his mouth, 46 yr’s has passed, I personally think the misterious hand, it’s me! Thank you Helen Levitt for your BEAUTIFUL work!

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