The city’s notoriously cursed restaurant space

Can a building really be jinxed—cursed with bad energy or evil spirits so that any restaurant opening there will flop hard?

That seems to be the case with 206 East 63rd Street, a handsome former warehouse built in 1907.

Dubbed by writer Gay Talese as the “Willy Loman of Buildings” in a 2011 New Yorker piece, this location has seen 12 restaurants shut down in three decades.

Among them: “pretentious” Le Premier in 1977, seafood spot John Clancy’s East in the 1980s, Napa Valley Grill in the 1990s, and Peaches, the brainchild of Marla Maples and a partner.

Maples even feng-shuied the place to ward off bad vibes, but Peaches failed anyway, writes Sam Roberts in a 2006 New York Times article.

A kosher Italian dairy, kosher Japanese steakhouse, and barbecue joint all bombed in the 2000s.

The curse may finally be broken: In 2011, the building was sold to a Buddhist monk and made into a monastery, Eater reported.

Check out Eater’s fascinating map of other cursed restaurant spots.

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3 Responses to “The city’s notoriously cursed restaurant space”

  1. Big Sis Says:

    There is a spot on Broadway around W 111th or 112th, east side of street, that is also like that. Restaurants coming and going.

  2. Lisa Says:

    This space must be cursed! Dammit, there’s just no logical explanation for the failure of a Marla Maples restaurant, or a Kosher Italian dairy.

  3. BabyDave Says:

    Biggest laugh today. Thank you.

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