The hand-painted store signs of the Bowery

Neon signs bursting with color are New York icons. But there’s another type of signage that deserves recognition: the hand-painted kind.

Some of the best examples can be found along the Bowery. But they may not be there for long, considering the rapid boutique-ization of Manhattan’s oldest street.

Globe Slicers has been selling kitchen gear since President Truman was in office, and the sign seems to have served them well, and the mismatched lettering gives it a real DIY feel.

Max Maged & Sons, another restaurant supplier, is just south of Grand Street. I love the mix of print and cursive.

National Cash Registers, at 159 Bowery, has neon signage in its window. But this swinging sign with the stenciled-in letters has old-school appeal.

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3 Responses to “The hand-painted store signs of the Bowery”

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    […] Ephemeral New York casts an admiring eye on some of the hand-painted signs of the Bowery. […]

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  3. chas Says:

    Does Bowery really have the distinction of “oldest street”?

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