A Riverside Drive mansion and monument

The gentle bend at Riverside Drive and 89th Street, seen here in an early 1900s postcard, is host to the majestic Soldiers and Sailors Monument—dedicated in 1902 to Union Army veterans.

On the opposite corner is something interesting: another view of the Isaac L. Rice mansion, built in 1903 by a wealthy lawyer when Riverside Drive was lined with grand free-standing homes and rivaled Fifth Avenue in luxury.

The Isaac L. Rice mansion is still there today, but maybe not for much longer unless it gets the maintenance it needs.

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One Response to “A Riverside Drive mansion and monument”

  1. rocco dormarunno(akafivepointsguy) Says:

    This is my wife’s old stamping ground. She grew up on 89th between Riverside Drive and West End. (Back then the neighborhood was nothing like it is now.) When she was a little monkey, she shimmied up the monument to the base of those columns; the older boys climbed all the way to the top. Also, the Rice mansion may get that much needed maintenance. Neighborhood groups have been mobilized to get it fixed up. Last, thanks again for including the message written by the sender. I think it says (in tortured English), How’s everything. When you coming. I guess question marks weren’t in vogue then! Thanks a lot for posting this!

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