A remnant of the west side town of Carmansville

Carmansville (sometimes called Carmanville) was one of many small 19th century villages that sprang up along the Hudson River.

Centered around 155th Street and Broadway, it was named for Richard Carman, “a wealthy landowner in the area who made his fortune rebuilding much of New York City after the great fire of 1835,” states a Parks Department website.

Carmansville was absorbed into the city by the 20th century, its grocery store, school, and church long gone.

But one piece of the village remains: a playground on 151st Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Called the Carmansville Playground, the name was chosen in 1913 to “preserve the former designation of this section of the city.”

Carmansville also lives on in the BBC America show Copper; a character in the show, set in the 1860s, relocates to the hamlet from downtown.

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