East Side neon signs that give New York its glow

All the warm, glowing neon that lights up the evening sky makes the city feel magical and inspiring, especially when it’s dreary and dark outside.


I’ve never been to the Subway Inn, but it’s a legendary dilapidated dive bar on 60th Street off Lexington Avenue, opened in 1934, with an equally legendary sign.


Papaya King is on 86th Street and Third Avenue. They’ve been shilling supercheap hot dogs and papaya drinks for 80 years!

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8 Responses to “East Side neon signs that give New York its glow”

  1. Beth Says:

    Tomas rinaldi just released a book called New York Neon. I haven’t seen it yet but plan to buy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Subwy Inn sign is in it. It’s a great sign! I miss the P&G sign on the Upper West Side.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Oh yes, that’s a great book. Excellent holiday gift too for anyone who appreciates a fiery neon glow.

  3. Paul Ruoso Says:

    Years ago, I walk in to the Subway Inn for a beer and I find an area of the floor is cordoned off as it was sagging heavily as you walked across it. How’s that for dilapidated.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    That’s exactly what I’d expected!

  5. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    The Subway marque takes me back to New York’s dingy eerie dark days, something which doesn’t exist anymore, sigh 😦

  6. chas Says:

    also one in Chelsea (Papaya King) on 23rd and 7th I believe….great history there…

  7. WHAMMO! Says:

    Shilling? More like allowing us mere mortals a taste of the food of the gods. 🙂

  8. wildnewyork Says:

    Yes, I concede I used to love those papaya dogs. The one in the West Village on 8th Street was one of the few places still serving food in the evening during the 2003 blackout! The Chelsea one is always packed….

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