The storybook Gingerbread House of Bay Ridge

This is one house that needs no colored lights and decorations to give off a Christmas cottage-like feel.

It’s the Gingerbread House on quiet, residential Narrows Avenue in Bay Ridge, a 1916 Arts and Crafts beauty that looks like something cooked up in a holiday-themed kitchen . . . or taking its inspiration from a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.


Officially known as the Howard E. and Jessie Jones House (the names of the first owners), it was designated a landmark in 1988 and hit the market most recently in 2009. Price: 12 million.

This Curbed post gives you a peek inside.

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6 Responses to “The storybook Gingerbread House of Bay Ridge”

  1. Ruth Edebohls Says:

    This has always been my favorite house since I stumbled on it as a teenager walking around Bay Ridge. If I could live anywhere, this would be it!

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I have to agree, it’s one of my favorites too. Narrows Avenue is so lovely too.

  3. ledamato Says:

    We lived at 75th Street and Narrows Ave. I would walk around the neighborhood with my preschool daughter and when we went by this house, she would wait for Snow White and the 7 dwarfs to come out. She was convinced they must live there.

  4. Big Sis Says:

    12 million?

  5. migs81 (@migs81) Says:

    Off topic but can we get a twitter feed? love ephemeralnyc 🙂

  6. wildnewyork Says:

    Thank you—yes, working on it!

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