Music and theater on East 10th Street in the ’80s

LimboloungeIf you found yourself looking for entertainment in the East Village 30 years ago, you might have ended up at the Limbo Lounge, described as a “gallery and performance space; serves refreshments” in this 1984 New York cover story on the newly hip Lower East Side.

This is where campy cult play Vampire Lesbians of Sodom got its start in 1984, two years before the Limbo Lounge closed.

Then there’s 350 East 10th Street, the former PS 64, decommissioned as a school and used for years as a performance space for community groups, artists, and musicians.

Rockers, rappers, breakers, and scratchers—and local punk band 3 Teens Kill 4, wonderfully named after a New York Post headline! Both ads come from the May 1983 issue of the East Village Eye.


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4 Responses to “Music and theater on East 10th Street in the ’80s”

  1. Bob Says:

    I cannot be positive that the Santo listed here is the same Santo who owns The Source Unltd Print and Copy Shop at 331 East 9th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, though that would be easy enough to confirm. I know he is a local musician as well, and has been around since 1982. Always glad to see a local who has survived the changes in the neighborhood!

  2. The Day | Rain and Not Much Else - The Local East Village Blog - Says:

    […] And in the absence of anything new to report, let’s take you back thirty years to “rockers, rappers, breakers & scratchers”–and the Lower East Side Girls Choir–at East 10th Street’s Limbo Lounge. […]

  3. marg Says:

    Yes, it is the one & only Santo (who owns The Source Print Shop). I was there. He played an electrified wailing acoustic guitar with lyrics that he wrote from the heart. He also was at a lot of other local joints @ that time like Sophies, Neither /Nor, Life Cafe & even Red Square on Houston before they put Blockbuster in. It was an emptied out shell of a building back then. On one night the building was taken over by locals as a performance space. It was an interesting, loose time to say the least. I don’t even think that the building had any electricity.

  4. “Nothing But Trash” = Nothing But Fun | Van Wallach's Blog Says:

    […] Angel with my friend Amy Frost and a friend of hers on the frigid night of December 29, 1984 at the Limbo Lounge at 647 E. 9th Street, deep deep in New York’s then-decrepit and drug-haunted Alphabet […]

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