The bronze celestial globe in an East Side park

ZodiaccloseupIn a quiet, teardrop-shaped Clara Coffey Park in the East 50s is this curious sculpture.

It’s a sundial and an armillary sphere—an astronomical model showing the relationships among the principal celestial circles, the Parks Department explains.

The stone pedestal gives the four cardinal directions, and a bronze band is decorated with impressive images of each zodiac sign.

It’s a mystical and enchanting object installed here in 1971, and it can make an observer feel very small and inconsequential in the scheme of the universe.


The same sculptor is credited with this sundial in Central Park.

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One Response to “The bronze celestial globe in an East Side park”

  1. George Wilson Says:

    This is also a sundial; you can see the roman numerals along the inside of the “equator” line.

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