Cool old-school store signs found all over the city

You don’t see too many delis with a Te-Amo Imported Cigars sign anymore. This one was spotted above a bodega on Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg.


Did neighborhood delis used to offer shoeshines, as the other end of the sign implies?


I don’t know what was covering up this Manhattan Flower Shop sign, on Manhattan Avenue in Morningside Heights. But I’m glad it’s visible again. The hand-drawn lettering is so charming.


Is this Joe Junior diner, on Third Avenue in the teens, owned by the same people who ran the late, great Joe Junior on Sixth Avenue and 11th Street? I love a restaurant that spells seafood with two words.


“Factory Methods Used” may have been great advertising in the 1970s. But in today’s artisanal, DIY world, John’s Shoe Repair, on Irving Place, would have to instead boast that they rebuilt shoes by hand.


Salerno Surgical Supplies is also on Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg. Its presence here might shed some light on the average age of neighborhood residents.

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9 Responses to “Cool old-school store signs found all over the city”

  1. Joe R Says:

    Just yesterday I was attracted to a little bookstore on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn because of it’s “old school” signage. The sign, though, was actually fairly new. I’d like to see more of these.

  2. doublewhirler Says:

    Great stuff. Sadly, these signs are disappearing and being replaced by cloned mega bank signs and similar.

  3. BabyDave Says:

    I’m guessing the Graham Avenue store, if it’s now a grocery store, took over from a smoke shop and didn’t change the sign. I don’t, though, remember the average candy/smoke shop offering shoe shines.

    • David George Says:

      The Graham Avenue bodega, just off Metropolitan has been there at least since 1988. When I lived in that neighborhood it was primarily a news stand/smoke shop.

  4. David George Says:

    I passed Joe Junior today and was very glad to see it was still there, apparently doing OK, and run by the same folks who have been there for years.

  5. janinsanfran Says:

    Gosh — I think of the plastic rendition of “Restaurant” in the Joe Junior sign and “Surgical” as well as new-school signs. At the beginning of the ’70s I worked in a sign shop on Christie Street where a union sign painter still painted flat signs in the front — and hid the Latino and Chinese guys cutting plastic signs in the back whenever the business agent came by.

    He hid me too — I as the messenger “girl” who ran errands on the subway.

  6. *Everyday Chatter Says:

    […] Some good old-school signs. [ENY] […]

  7. Says:

    Cool old-school store signs found all over the city | Ephemeral New York

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