What is an elephant doing on Atlantic Avenue?

LevisoncircuselephantIs this pachyderm a runaway from a Coney Island ride? An escapee from the Prospect Park Zoo?

He (or she) is actually part of the Barnes Circus parade, which marched down Atlantic Avenue in 1891.

This photo was taken at Nevins Street by Wallace G. Levison, a New Yorker who leaves behind a pretty interesting collection of images of Brooklyn at the turn of the century.


Here’s another shot of an elephant (maybe the same one?) back in line with the rest of the circus on Schermerhorn Street near Nevins.

Elephants don’t always have it good in Brooklyn, as this post explains.

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3 Responses to “What is an elephant doing on Atlantic Avenue?”

  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    One night many years ago I saw them walking into the Midtown Tunnel in the 30s & Second Ave. They looked tired and bored. Sanitation trucks and sweepers followed them.

  2. Chicken Underwear Says:

    that is why I don’t go to the Ringling Brothers Circus.

  3. dkjohn77 Says:

    If this is Schermerhorn between Nevins and Bond, then it’s interesting to note that none of these buildings exist anymore. I believe they were all torn down during the subway expansion. Anyone know for sure?

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