Autumn light and solitude on Park Avenue

I’m not sure what part of Park Avenue painter Louis Michel Eilshemius depicts here. But I don’t think it matters.

He’s captured the orangey glow and foreboding solitude that can be seen and felt all over city streets at dusk in the fall.


In the catalogue for an exhibition of Eilshemius’ work at the National Academy of Design in Washington in 2001, the writer, Steven Harvey, comments:

“On the horizon there is a far off sparkle of the lights at the end of Park Avenue, muted in the soft gray atmosphere of night. It is a metropolitan vision at once barren, tough and yet strangely comforting. The ambivalence that Eilshemius felt in regard to New York as home is evident it his vision of the city.

“The isolation he personally felt is represented in his view of the city as a sparkling metropolis, largely uninhabited place for solitary evening walks.”

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3 Responses to “Autumn light and solitude on Park Avenue”

  1. Adam B Says:

    This must be a few block north of Madison Square Park, looking south. Maybe 28th or 29th street.

  2. Ruth Edebohls Says:

    Beautiful painting! Love to read your blog – I always learn something. Eilshemius is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery and Green-Wood owns some of his work. Once the Weir Greenhouse is restored, they will be exhibited there, along with works of otother artists buried in Green-Wood.

  3. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thanks Ruth. He’s one of many notable New Yorkers residing in the Green-Wood necropolis.

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