Garment District ghosts on New York buildings

From 19th century seamstresses sewing piecemeal to factory floors with rows of sewing machines mass producing clothes, New York’s garment industry has had a huge impact on the city’s culture and finances.


And its ghosts pop up even outside the midtown boundaries of the Garment District—like the Spinning Wheel Building on West 22nd Street.

“This splendid structure was erected between fifteen and twenty years ago by Jas. McCutcheon & Co., the well known linen retail concern. . . .” a 1917 guidebook tells us.


There’s also the American Thread Company building, an 11-story loft on West Broadway in Tribeca converted to co-ops in the 1980s.

Lovely, right? Originally it was the headquarters for the Wool Exchange Building, opened in 1896 before undergoing is name change in 1907.

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