A West Side dairy sign comes out of hiding

steinbergsSteinberg’s Dairy Restaurant was one of those wonderful cheapo kosher luncheonettes that used to be all over neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, the East Village, and the Lower East Side.

Operating at a couple of locations on Broadway in the west 80s since the 1930s, their massive menu (digitized here by the New York Public Library) was packed with all kinds of Jewish comfort food: potato latkes, cheese blintzes, kreplach, and chopped herring.


The place has been gone for at least a few decades—and perhaps many of its customers gone as well. But for a brief moment last week, Steinberg’s reappeared.

The Town Shop lingerie store has relocated there, and while removing the sign from the previous occupant (Laytners Linen) and installing their sign, Steinberg’s vintage lettering (1940s? 1950s?) was let out of its tomb.

[Thanks to NW for the photos]

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5 Responses to “A West Side dairy sign comes out of hiding”

  1. nabeguy Says:

    Great sign and incredible menu. Funny to note that Dr. Brown’s Cream soda cost more than a glass of beer.

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    The menu is incredible. Tomato surprise, box of canned sardines, salad a la Steinberg . . . and lots of varieties of fish and toast!

  3. gimelgort Says:

    Ok, so what’s a cheese deckerl? Lacquer (lekvar?) deckerl? Anybody?

  4. Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com Says:

    What a neat sign, and how cool that it was able to bask in the sunshine for a few moments before being hidden for generations again. Thanks for sharing!

  5. lisaakalisasa Says:

    Bring me the Brown Cabbage Soup, the Schmaltz Herring, and a Sauerkraut juice. And, make it snappy!

    Boy, there are two variations of a menu item that remains a mystery even after searching Google: “cheese deckerls” & “lacquer deckerls”. What in the Sam Hill is a “deckerl”??

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