West 16th Street’s rooftops and water towers

Chelsea’s residential rowhouses collide with its more contemporary Art Deco and industrial architecture in Mark Baum’s “Seventh Avenue and 16th Street, New York.

Chelsea Marc Baum

Painted in 1932, the view looks very much the same today—when the sun hits the right way, it’s a blaze of red brick, warm yellow, and burnt brown.

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5 Responses to “West 16th Street’s rooftops and water towers”

  1. Artnoize Says:

    In what direction are we viewing 7th Avenue & 16th Street?
    The row house appears to look a lot like the St Joseph’s Home for the aged:

  2. The Greenockian Says:

    Beautiful picture.

  3. tiff Says:

    Hello! Love your blog. I work for an agency and we would like to use a photo from your blog. Email me when you get a chance. Thank you!

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